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Rainbow buttons and chains!

Rainbow buttons and chains!

These shorts are one of my absolute favorite’s! The gradient color effect is so beautiful, and the complimentary buttons are so cute! 🙂 The chains add a bit of swag 😉 and the lace on the bottom extends the length a bit and adds a girly touch!


Back of Green Lacey’s!

Back of Green Lacey's!

More lace on the back!

Green Lacey’s!

Green Lacey's!

These shorts are a beautiful, light forest green color with tints of yellow. The lace adds a girly appeal, and the fringe is very cute!

Back of the Blue Studded!

Back of the Blue Studded!

On the back of my blue studded shorts I added a tribal fabric to the back pockets. Tribal is also very in, and the colors in this patrick compliment the turquoise very nicely.

Blue studded shorts!

Blue studded shorts!

These shorts are a perfect turquoise color that we all know is in this season! The gold studs again, make it a look more rock-tastic, but the cuffed ends keep it classy 😉 Check out the following photo to see the back of these!

Red Grunge Shorts

Red Grunge Shorts

Here are a pair that I like to call my “grunge” shorts. I think they are the perfect mix of rocker and chic! Tres, tres chic! The pearl accents and the red make it very girly, while the fringe, rips, and gold studs make it more out there and rocker!

Littlemisstrendy here!

Hello everyone! Many of you are followers from Pose ❤ Thanks for your loyalty! Some of you have even already ordered some custom shorts from me! Here I will post more photos of custom shorts like I do on my Pose. If you see some shorts you’d like, or feel inspired to customize your own, please just shoot me a quick email at so we can sort out your order! Thanks guys!