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Anyway you want it, THAT’S the way you need it!

Hello all 🙂 If you are from Pose thanks for stopping by! I would just like to quickly take the time to list out some of the things I currently have to be sewn on to my custom shorts 🙂

I have every color of dye, seriously, whatever color you want, I have it.

Things I have to be sewn on are: diamonds, pearls, lace (can be dyed any color), patches (anchor, sunflower, paisley, cross, etc.), gold studs, buttons (all colors, some even patterned – including glitter!), silver glitter ribbon, chains, different fabrics…all just to name a few! But of course if I don’t have something you want, just let me know and I can get it for you 🙂

Remember my shorts are 100% custom made for you; you will be the only one out there with a pair like it!

Thanks everyone 🙂 Comment below if interested or email me at


Back of the pale denim shorts with pink lace and pearls

Here’s the back! Just some more pink lace. 🙂 gorgeous!


Pale denim shorts with pink lace and pearls!

These shorts are a little bit more conservative then what I usually design, but they are still so cute and the pink lace with pearls is so elegant ❤


Custom Shorts Galore! Summer Sale?!

Right now I am having a SALE guys! And who doesn’t love to spend money on clothes? 😉 IF you order a pair of custom shorts from me, once you receive them in the mail, attached will be one of my absolutely adorable littlemisstrendy business cards! If you keep that business card, you can redeem it during your second purchase for 10% off your next order as a thank you for your business!


It’s never too late to order some shorts! Prices start out at $25 and go up from there depending on the amount of time and detail you want worked into your custom cut-off’s! 😉 I ship ALL OVER the world, and the shipping and handling prices are very affordable. I want girls all over to have a taste of some custom cut-offs that are cute for any season. 😀

Email me at to make an official order, or leave a comment for more information! Thanks everyone!

Back of fuchsia shorts :)

LOVE the back of these!!


Fuchsia shorts with white lace and gold studs!

These shorts are my latest! The fuchsia is such a great color with the fringed ends and rips. The lace and studs compliment each other nicely 🙂


Rainbow shorts with diamonds!

These shorts are dyed rainbow 🙂 the cuffed ends keep it neat and the rows of diamonds on the back pocket keep it simple but blingy!